Plan Upgrade FAQ

FAQs About the Upgrade Plan

1. What options do I have to upgrade my existing plan?

There are two ways you can upgrade your existing plan:

  • Get the new plan immediately: In this case, we will reimburse the difference in cost between your existing plan and the new one, after deducting the cost for the period you've already used your current plan.

  • Wait until the end of your current plan: Don't renew your current plan when it expires. Instead, purchase the new plan at that time.

2. How is the reimbursement calculated if I choose to upgrade immediately?

The reimbursement is calculated by taking the difference between the cost of your new plan and the old one. Then, we subtract the cost corresponding to the period you've already used your current plan. This means that if you've already used a portion of your current plan, that cost will be deducted from the potential reimbursement.

3. Do I need to manually cancel my existing plan if I decide to upgrade immediately?

No, you don't have to manually cancel your existing plan. Once you choose to upgrade, we will handle the transition process for you.

4. How can I purchase the new plan after my existing plan expires?

Once your current plan expires, simply go to our purchase page and choose the new plan you wish to purchase.

5. Will there be any service interruptions during the upgrade process?

We strive to ensure a seamless transition during the upgrade process, and aim to minimize any possible disruptions. However, in rare cases, you might experience a brief interruption, because we need manually add you to the new plan.

7. What happens if I decide to go back to my old plan?

You are free to switch back to your old plan. However, please note that there will be no reimbursement in this case. Additionally, you'll need to wait until the end of your current plan period before making the switch back. This ensures that the terms of your current plan are fully met before reverting to your previous plan.

8. Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, you can choose to upgrade your plan at any time, whether immediately or at the end of your existing plan period.

9. Who can I contact if I have more questions about upgrading my plan?

Our support team is always here to help you. You can reach out to us through our support page, via email or chat.

10. How will the reimbursed amount be paid?

The reimbursed amount will be credited back to the same payment method you used for the purchase. Please note that it may take a few days for the transaction to reflect in your account.

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