Ultimate Moving Average Strategy Creator

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Presenting the Ultimate Moving Average Strategy Creator, your solution to creating custom strategies with zero coding expertise required! Enjoy the simplicity of our settings and the vast potential of countless strategies and combinations.

Start your journey by selecting up to four moving averages from an array of types including Simple, Exponential, Hull, and Volume-Weighted. Define the period and select your price source - and voila, you're all set to dive into the exciting part.

Design your unique strategy - test the Fast Moving Average crossing over the Slow Moving Average, or add a twist by ensuring the closing price surpasses the Fast Moving Average. The choice is entirely yours!

With our flexible options to set take profit %, stop loss %, a date range, and the 'Long Only' positions, you get to view real-time results of any strategy in our Strategy Tester. Refine your criteria without the need for understanding intricate coding and scripting.

We designed this indicator with a firm belief in flexibility and user control. Unlike rigid moving average strategies, ours caters to your imagination and strategic prowess. Whether you wish to test a triple crossover or an entirely new approach, our indicator makes it all possible.

Behold the ultimate moving average indicator, capable of helping you craft virtually any moving average-based strategy. By employing different types of moving averages and varying periods, you unlock limitless logical tests for capturing future price movements.

To set up the indicator, choose your primary Fast and Slow Moving Averages (MA), and your alternative Fast and Slow MAs (Fast MA Alt, Slow MA Alt). The primary MAs provide the main trend analysis, while the Alt MAs offer additional, customizable perspectives. By varying the length or types of these Alt MAs, you create a visually diverse chart that caters to different market conditions or trading strategies.

The creation of your strategy depends on your preferred trading style - 'Long / Buy' or 'Short / Sell'. Our system offers three logical tests for both buying and selling, comparing any price value and any Moving Average value.

By entering your desired inputs, the outcome of all buy and sell signals can be evaluated using the TradingView Strategy Tester over your specified date range. While our indicator provides buy and sell signals on the charts, remember to always practice good risk management and use other trading indicators for optimal results.

For more detailed information, please consult the PDF below:

Craft your winning strategy today with our Ultimate Moving Average Strategy Creator!

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