Automated MSB OTE Fibs and Premium Discount

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Introducing the Automated MSB, OTE Fibs, CHoCH and Premium Discount tool, a comprehensive instrument designed to enhance your trading analysis. If you're unfamiliar with these acronyms, let's decode them:

  • MSB stands for "Market Structure Break," a critical event in price action analysis that often signals a potential trend shift.

  • OTE refers to "Optimal Trade Entry," leverages Fibonacci retracement levels to pinpoint the most advantageous entry point for a trade, particularly on lower time frames. It aims to maximize potential reward while minimizing risk.

  • CHoCH is "Change of Character." This occurs when a market transitions from one state (like trending or ranging) to another. Recognizing CHoCH helps traders anticipate future price movement based on changes in market behavior.

This tool automatically identifies MSB, OTE levels, CHoCH, and the premium or discount of the range following a Market Structure Break. It operates by locating a pivot, verifying if it has been surpassed by a candle body, and then drawing a line for that specific MSB. The premium or discount range, along with Fibonacci levels, are derived from the high/low before and after the MSB, focusing on the most recent MSB.

The standout feature of this tool is its dynamic nature. The levels and boxes adjust in real-time, eliminating the need for manual redrawing. Thus, your drawings are fully automated and update with every change in price or MSBs.

The settings include:

  • Left and Right bars for Pivot: This determines the strength of the pivot that has been broken. The stronger the pivot, the more substantial the MSB.

  • Max Lookback: Sets how far to look back for MSBs.

  • Various aesthetic options allow you to display bullish or bearish MSBs independently, as well as adjust color and line settings for the MSB, Fibs, and Premium/Discount.

For more detailed information, please consult the PDF below:

Always remember to use this tool alongside good risk management and other trading indicators for the best results.

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