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1)What does it mean when an indicator "repaints"?

When we say an indicator "repaints", it means that it changes its mind about its past signals. For instance, if an indicator initially signaled a 'buy' at a certain point, but later changes to 'sell' for the same point, it's said to repaint.

Repainting can be misleading because it can make an indicator look perfect when you're scrolling back through your charts. But when you try to use it in real-time, you might find that it changes its signals and is not as reliable as it appeared.

In contrast, our "Easy Trade" indicator does not repaint, meaning once a signal appears, it stays there for good. This way, you can trust that what you see is what you get.

2) How do Indicators and Strategies differ in TradingView?

In TradingView, an indicator is a function that provides a visual representation of the market based on mathematical calculations, and is meant to help traders make informed decisions, like for example buying and selling. On the other hand, a strategy includes all the features of an indicator, but in addition, it also contains a set of rules and criteria to provide traders with a complete trading plan, including other variables such as risk management.

The main difference between an indicator and a strategy is that a strategy includes a powerful backtesting system, while an indicator does not. Backtesting allows traders to test how their trading plan would have performed in historical market conditions, using the backtesting feature in TradingView.

In summary, an indicator provides a visual representation of the market while a strategy provides a complete trading plan that includes rules and criteria for making trading decisions.

3) What should I do if the bar color option is not working? (Easy Trade Pro)

If the bar color does not display, it could be due to occasional lagging issues with Tradingview. You can easily resolve this by toggling the 'hide' button twice: click 'hide' to temporarily not showing the indicator, then click 'hide' again to display the indicator. This should fix the issue and restore the bar color.

4) What should I do if the backtest results say "Didn't generate any orders"? (Easy Trade Pro with backtesting system)

There could be three potential reasons for this, along with their corresponding solutions:

  1. Ensure that the "USE STRATEGY SYSTEM" option is enabled in the settings menu. If it isn't, the settings menu might not function correctly.

  1. Tradingview platform sometimes experiences lag, which might cause this issue. If this happens, simply remove the indicator, save your changes, and then re-add the indicator.

  2. It's possible that you've input incorrect parameters in the settings menu - for instance, you might have forgotten to add a buy or sell order. Ensure that the parameters you've set are correct.

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